Welcome to my new blog smartfiretv.info. This blog will contain informative videos about the Smart TV and the Fire TV.

First what exactly is a Smart TV? A Smart TV is a television with internet connectivity built in. It can be connected to the in ternet similar to an android phone. Using either wifi or an ethernet connection gives the viewer instant access to such popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Alternatively the Smart TV comes with various inputs which allow it to be connected to traditional cable.

A Fire TV is similar to the Smart TV but requires additional equipment in order to connect to the internet. Connecting either a set-top box or a HDMI plug in stick(firestick)

will convert any compatible high definition television into a Smart TV. The Fire TV can also be used to play various video games.

The videos on this site will help you discover all the functions available to Smart TV and Fire TV owners. This site can basically used as an instruction manual for both the Smart TV and the Fire TV.

All of the videos posted on this site are embedded from third party sites(mostly Youtube). No videos will ever be uploaded here.